End of Financial Year Dates

This End-of-Financial-Year there are some important dates to meet for making and receiving donations, so that donors can receive a tax-deductible receipt in FY20 

While credit card donations can be made online up until 11.59pm 30 June, please make sure your donors know the following dates and how to make donations by cheque, electronic transfer or with a manual donation form: 


MONDAY 22 JUNE last day to deposit 

Cheques made to the Australian Sports Foundation must be deposited to a  Westpac bank branch  by this date 

Note: we recommend that you do not post cheques to our office, as we cannot guarantee they will be received in time to be processed in FY20. 

EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)  


To transfer donations to our bank account, please follow these steps: 

  1. Find the project / organisation you wish to donate to on the Sports Foundation website  
  1. Fill out the online donation form, entering in the $ amount you wish to donate 
  1. Select  EFT  as the payment option and submit form 
  1. Use the  Reference Number  on the next page, or in your confirmation email, when you make the funds transfer
    Bank: Westpac
    Account Name: Australian Sports Foundation Donations
    BSB: 032776
    Account: 130159 



For donors completing their donations in an old-fashioned paper form, these need to be uploaded by the club through the Sports Foundation Member Portal. For security reasons we will not be able to accept these forms in the mail or via email. 

Information on how to securely upload the manual donation forms in the portal is  here. 

 If you receive a cheque donation or have a donor wanting to make an EFT payment after the aforementioned dates, please contact your Sports Partnership Manager or our Client Services Team asap on 02 5112 0990 or info@sportsfoundation.org.au 


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