Flyer Template

All you need to do is fill in the blanks and the result is a meaningful and motivating story with a clear and direct ask for your potential donors.

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Instructions for use:

  • Replace all purpYou are part of a great sporting club and you want to raise money to improve your sporting community, but how are you going to tell your story and more importantly, how are you going to ask for money? If you do not ask you will not receive. If you’re left in the dark enter your email address below and we will show you the light with a flyer template.
    le boxes with text about your organisation
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  • Save your template, print double sided, distribute to all your potential donors in order to motivate them to donate to your fantastic cause.


Helpful Hints and How To:

The aim of this flyer is to tell readers your story and get them excited about your fundraising project. You should write your story to a person that has never heard of your organisation before. Your aim is to inform people how, why and when they should donate. The story is the bedrock of any campaign and central to all fundraising activity.

An engaging and successful story will center around four themes: CAUSE, NEED, IMPACT and ASK. The cause is literally your organisation; who and what the donations will benefit. The need is what your organisation actually needs donations for. The impact is what will happen if you do not have donations, and what will be achievable with donations. The ask is the most important element, how much do you expect donors to give, when should they give it, and how?

Some features of a good story:

  • Engage your audience, generate “share-ability”
  • Evoke emotion, draw on personal experience
  • Make the reader/listener CARE
  • Demonstrate change and impact
  • Creates imagery in the mind of the reader
  • Use pictures and infographics

Your flyer should be written in full sentences, similar to a newspaper article. Do not keep the dot points included in this word document, they are simply to prompt you in your writing. Only use dot points for things like lists.

Check list:

  • Have you replaced all purple text boxes with your own writing?
  • Have you replaced all grey ‘insert image’ boxes with an image or logo?
  • Have you included all contact details?

Include a URL to your online donation page on

  • To do this, head to > search your project name > press ‘donate now’ > copy the url in the address bar at the top of the internet window > paste this url into your flyer so you can ask your donors to donate straight to the ASF, saving you the hassle of collecting the money and giving to the ASF at a later date.

You should keep track of who your donations come from, in order to thank them. Statistics show that 50% of people will donate again if you say thank you. You should also maintain contact with each donor. For each ask you should aim to have 5 points of contact with your donor. This could be as simple as updating them on your cause, how the team went at Nationals, an invitation to upcoming events etc. You could send emails, newsletters, or give them a call.

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