Fundraising Quick Win Inspiration

18 December 2015

We are determined to help our grassroots clubs, clubs that are often run by volunteers and busy parents, reach their fundraising goals. Below are two examples of some ‘quick win’ fundraising ideas that are simple to execute and delivered immediate impact for the organisations that implemented them.


Surfing Australia gained 300 donations in just three days by simply adding a donation add on to the bottom of their SurfGroms registration forms. Donations from this go to their Surf For Life program which help underprivileged kids learn to surf.

Surfing Australia made it easy for parents registering their kids to become donors by placing an ask on their registration form payment page. As they were already in the process of a transaction, a couple of simple clicks of the mouse allow them to add a donation and agree to any terms and conditions. Adding a short, motivating story to accompany the tick box gives the members an emotional  reason to donate.

We encourage all of our projects to include this add on and accompanying short story to their membership or registration forms, as this removes many of the usual steps a donor must take to make a donation. Using your existing technology and payment platforms also requires very minimal time and effort to implement. Why not try this on your membership or registration form today? If you need help, contact your SPM for advice.

surfing-aus-membership-add-on1 (1)


Debbie Adams, Tritons Secretary/ Junior Development Officer, shared with us some of her tips on how she raised $2,000 to run a Come ‘n Try program, which resulted in 50% of all Come ’n Try participants (25 new kids) signing up to play for the summer season.


“I took a personal approach to raising the funds. I looked though our membership base and made a list of families who owned businesses or whom I believed able to make a donation on behalf of their workplace.

Our club is 40 years old, so we have a lot of second generation members and ex-players with kids playing water polo, creating a family like relationship with the Tritons. I used the close relationships and a personal ask for a business donation to Come ‘n Try Water Polo, to support their water polo family.”

By using a personal ask, Debbie was able to raise the funds in only 2 months.

“The program was a great success. Tritons Under 14 players were encouraged to train with the Come ‘n Try participants. They were able to help the learners and demonstrate skills.

“Our ASF project is still active and I have started consolidating a list of people I intend to approach next year.”

We encourage all clubs to consider making personal asks; by targeting the right potential donors the results can be fast and effective, enabling you to  quickly reach your fundraising goals. The key is you have to ask! Often, that’s all your donors are waiting for.

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