Grants 101

You’ve worked hard and got a bunch of donations to your project, but how do you get the money!? You can read everything you need to know about the grant process below.

If you have any questions about processing donations, sending cheques, or anything else to do with donations, see our Donations 101 resource.

When are grants processed?

Funds raised are distributed through grants, issued to our active fundraising partners every month. When are grants processed?

January (includes donations reconciled 1 to 31 December.)
February (includes donations reconciled 1 to 31 January)
March (includes donations reconciled 1 – 28 February)
April (includes donations reconciled 1 to 31 March.)
May (includes donations reconciled by 1-30 April)
June (includes donations reconciled 1 to 31 May.)
July (includes donations reconciled 1-30 June)
August (includes donations reconciled 1-31 July)
September (includes donations reconciled 1-31 August)
October (includes donations reconciled 1-30 September)
November (includes donations reconciled 1-31 October)
December (includes donations reconciled 1-30 December)

  • You will receive a chatter message or email notification notifying you of the grant approval and payment.
    For GST registered organisations, a Recipient Created Tax Invoice (RCTI) will be available in your portal shortly after payment
  • If a remittance advice is needed you can request a copy from our finance team at after the payment has been transferred into your account

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