Grassroots Success Stories

23 May 2017

Learn more about some grassroots clubs and organisations that smashed their fundraising projects

A small community on Kangaroo Island needed $23,000 to refurbish their tennis courts. Because the community was small (population of less than 300) the project fundraising committee knew the importance of engaging the whole community with their fundraising efforts.

The committee used EDMs (emails) to communicate with the community and offered Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze support levels so that everyone had the opportunity to help and feel they supported this vital community project regardless of how much they could contribute.

The committee reached their fundraising target within 8 months of partnering with the Foundation.

In the first few months of launching their “Build the Fort” campaign with the Foundation, to undertake a much-needed upgrade to facilities, Norwood Football Club raised over $65k.

A great recognition program and effective communication with members were the key drivers in achieving such fantastic results so quickly!

Importantly, the recognition offered to donors were all ‘legacy’ items and meant all members had an opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way.

$50- name on a brick

$250- name on a fence picket

$3,500- name on team guernsey


The church’s initially needed to raise $40,000 to redevelop sport courts, however their appeal was going so well they added the refurbishment of their 20-year old toilet and changing room to their project.

The fundraising committee ran the campaign for a year through information meetings at the church, which provided an opportunity to present the project vision, and to ask for donations. They also emailed the community, used social media and followed up all donations with “thank you” letter.

The church raised $82,000, far exceeding their initial goal. After seeing their first campaign so well received by the community, they submitted a new application to make further improvements to the sports area of their facility. This shows that partnering with the Foundation can be an ongoing fundraising option.

The club needed to raise $4,000 to cover the costs of practice balls, which kept getting lost over the off-season.

On registration day, the club included a request of a voluntary $25 donation to help purchase practice balls for all club teams.

Because it was so easy for parents to make a donation, they literally just had to tick a box on a registration form, the club reached their fundraising target in one day and was able to secure enough balls for the season.

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