Keilor Cricket Club Vic: Uniform improvement and new roller

Keilor Cricket Club in Melbourne had two primary fundraising activities, a uniform improvement project and one for the purchase of a new roller.


The Keilor Cricket Club (KCC) is a family cricket club with 8 senior and 16 junior cricket teams as well as a Milo cricket program.

Fundraising Need

KCC needed $10k for uniforms and $20k for the new cricket roller. They did not reach their target solely through the Sports Foundation program, however they were able to achieve their goal with the assistance of the fundraising. The uniform project was to move from the plain white cricket clothes to coloured uniforms to easily differentiate KCC from other clubs and the roller project was fundraising to purchase a heavier ride on roller that could produce better cricket wickets.


The KCC fundraising coordinator approached potential donors directly through phone calls and emails and found that the personal approach worked better than a broader communication approach. By contacting donors directly and explaining their needs they were able to encourage more contributions. Donors were thanked verbally at formal functions. In addition to the project with the Sports Foundation, the club did Bunnings sausage sizzles, a golf day, trivia night and other social functions. These all worked well but required a lot of work and effort whereas the benefit of the Sports Foundation was that they were able to produce great funding within the associated effort of the other activities.

Learnings and Advice 

Identify worthwhile projects that are a benefit to the entire club, both juniors, and seniors and directly promote these projects to potential donors.

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