Noosa Tennis Club: Shade Structure

Noosa Tennis Club fundraised for a roof over the two main courts at the club.


Located in QLD, the Noosa Tennis Club (NTC) has 10 courts made up of a mix of synthetic grass courts and hard courts. NTC offers junior competitions, social tennis, tournaments as well as night play.

Fundraising Need 

In QLD the summer months bring on a harsh heat which often discourages players to participate. By building the roof over two courts  players will be able to:

  • Have a sun safe option (especially valuable for the coaching staff)
  • Increase quality time on the court
  • Be on the court when the wet weather would often cease play

The fundraising goal was $30k and through the Sports Foundation, more than $6k has been raised.


NTC used their club email list and the monthly newsletter to reach members and put the word out on their Facebook page and other social media channels. Social media had the best reach and proved to be the most successful in getting donations. The club dedicated the committee staff as well as the Club Pro staff to planning and executing the fundraising campaign. To thank donors the club have an honors board to acknowledge their contribution however many donors preferred to stay at anonymous. This was the first fundraising event the club held for this project, they are planning to host live music, games, and raffle in the future.

Advice and Learnings 

NTC encourages other clubs who are trying to fundraise to spread the word through face to face conversations around the club, this helps to get the project page known.

“We used the Sports Foundation to fundraise for our massive roof structure – they were easy to use and very effective!”

Jake McMahon- Fundraising Officer 

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