Our Fundraising Partnership – Marketing Acknowledgement Requirements

Like any successful partnership, your fundraising partnership with us has a couple of key requirements for how it is acknowledged and promoted in marketing and communications.

This is to ensure that:

  • Your supporters and members are clear about why we are involved
  • Donors enjoy a seamless and cohesive customer journey when donating via our website or via a Foundation printed form
  • Legal and tax provisions are fully complied with

We have had some feedback that we need to make it clearer and simpler for you, our fundraising partners, to understand what these requirements are. Donors have also told us that they can be unclear about how we fit into the picture, so we’ve pulled together a quick reference guide, which is attached for your use. In it, you’ll find information on:

  • How and when to use our logo
  • How to refer to us in communications
  • Expectations around event, media and PR, and social media channels
  • Required wording to ensure compliance with legal and tax requirements

A full version of the requirements that form part of your contractual agreement with us can be found here.

You can share this with anyone in your organisation who helps to prepare collateral, web content, social media posts, etc. to ensure that they are across all the elements of our fundraising partnership.

How to acknowledge our fundraising partnership

Use our logo

You need to use our logo on any digital or printed promotional material that references your fundraising program or projects, this includes your website and in emails and any direct mail. You can access a downloadable version of our logo here.

Talk about your fundraising program being developed in partnership with the Foundation

Whenever and wherever you are promoting your fundraising program or project in written or verbal format on a website or in digital or printed promotional material, you need to state that the program or project has been “developed in partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation”.

Mention the partnership in media releases and media interviews

As a key promotional channel, it’s important that any media or PR coverage of your program or project talks about it being “developed in partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation”. The Foundation logo should also be used on any fundraising specific media backdrops.

Highlight the partnership at fundraising events

Events are big business for fundraising, so it’s important that you ensure the Foundation is referenced in announcements by the MC or key personnel as a “Fundraising Partner”. You also need to ensure that logos are included with the tag line in any promotional material and that there is an opportunity for the Foundation to provide signage for the event and have key personnel in attendance to help you promote your fundraising.

Share the partnership on social media

Like and follow the Foundation on social media, and share appropriate Foundation content on social media platforms. And don’t forget to share your online project page or donation form with a reference to the project or program being “developed in partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation”.

Full details of acknowledgement are in the attached documentation which formed part of your original agreement with us.

Ensure you have the right technical language on donation forms that you design

Section 1 – To go underneath the credit card section

I would like my gift to benefit the [insert your project name] and I understand that my donation is made unconditionally to the Australian Sports Foundation. By making this donation I accept the Australian Sports Foundation’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. To the best of my knowledge, I and my relatives and associates will not benefit in any material way from this donation.

NOTE: This section must be accompanied by a place for the donor to sign and date that they agree to the above.

Section 2 – To appear on the donation form in an appropriate place (this is at the bottom of the Foundation standard form)

The Australian Sports Foundation collects your personal information for the purposes of processing and receipting donations you make, sending you information about our philanthropic activities, notifying you of other sporting projects you may wish to consider supporting, and for other purposes set out in our privacy policy, available at asf.org.au/about/privacy-policy. Our privacy policy explains how we collect, use, store and disclose your personal information, the consequences for you if we do not collect this information, and the way in which you can access and seek correction of your personal information or complain about a breach of privacy law. Details of our Terms and Conditions are available at asf.org.au/about/terms-conditions.

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Have some questions?

We are here to help you fundraise successfully and ensure that your team and your donors understand how we are working together.

If you’re creating collateral please send it through to your Sports Partnership Manager and we can help ensure that you’ve referenced everything correctly.

And if you have any other questions, Contact your Sports Partnership Manager or email us at info@asf.org.au or call us on 02 6214 7868.

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