Plan an Event

Who doesn’t love a good event?

Hosting events is a great way to add value for your supporters, and attract further donations – you get a donation and they get to have a great time with their friends and other members and supporters.

How can I make my event stand out?

  • Invite special guest speakers such as former players and ex-coaches, to help put a face to your cause.
  • Build relationships by personally inviting potential donors along to a game, dinner, afternoon tea, breakfast, training session with the team etc.
  • Choose a fundraising only event, or a ticket sales add-on or pre-sales style approach (see below) – both will provide you with a great opportunity to collect donations.

Ticket add-ons

  • The most successful way to fundraise through an event is to gather payments before the event.
  • At the same time as collecting ticket payments, you can ask event attendees to make an optional tax deductible donation. This model is great because you will keep the money to cover event costs and we will process the donations.
  • If you include a donation “ask” via a ticket purchase, we suggest you don’t ask for more money at the event. Your guests have already had the chance to donate, so they should now be left to enjoy the event.
  • Contact your Partnership Manager for more information on the process for collecting donations as an “add on” to a ticket payment.

Fundraising at the event

  • Ask, ask, ask! Use the online donations form if you can, via a tablet or mobile phone, so that you can collect donations instantly.
  • You can also have printed forms on hand for your guests to complete at the event. Just be mindful that people’s handwriting can be hard to read after a few drinks and if they take a form home there is a high chance they may forget about it or discard it.
  • Don’t forget to have your MC mention your fundraising cause or project at the event, and provide instructions on how donations can be made online or offline. If you can, and if the event lends itself to this, it can be very powerful to have video imagery about your project up on a screen for everyone to see.
  • It’s important to follow up attendees after the event to either thank them for their donation or remind them that donations can still be made.

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