Samantha Auty – Fencing

Sam started her fundraising journey through the Australian Sports Foundation’s Athlete Fundraising program in the 2019 financial year to help with her qualification to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in Fencing.


Sam aims to become the first Australian ever to qualify for the Women’s Sabre event at the Olympics and also hopes to encourage more Australian’s to take up fencing. To achieve this she needed to raise $5,000 to attend Olympic qualification competitions overseas from April 2019 to April 2020.


Sam focused on sharing positive stories on social media around her aspirations and the fact that she was competing internationally helped solicit donations to her campaign. She made sure that her Facebook posts were made around 6pm on weekdays and during the day on weekends to get the most traction and posted content every 2-3 weeks with updates and asks. Keeping posts public was helpful in her friends sharing the post to reach more people. Mentioning the tax deductibility of donations helped for larger donations and partnering with the ASF gave her donors confidence their gifts were to be used for their intended purpose only.


Sam sent all her donors (60+) a hand written thank you card using their contact details captured through her ASF portal. She personalised her recognition of donations that helped her hit her $4000 and $5000 target with small keepsakes to make them feel special.


Sam exceeded her target and finished with a cool $5500 in donations to assist with her journey of competing in an Olympic Games. She now has less financial pressure to worry about and can focus on becoming the first Australian to compete in the Women’s Sabre event in Fencing come 2020 in Tokyo.

 “The ASF allows you to increase the amount you would raise through other channels by being tax deductible for donors, and also by being a credible fundraising platform (compared to platforms like GoFundMe)”

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