Spice up your fundraising campaign

At the end of the financial year it’s important to set yourself apart from the many other organisations and charities that are asking for financial support. Here’s a quirky idea that should catch the attention of your supporters!

  • Set a $ target for your end of financial year fundraising appeal
  • Promote to your supporters that if you reach the target by 30 June, a prominent person within your organisation will do a silly/crazy/embarrassing stunt (e.g. President, Coach, Principal)
  • Examples of stunts include
    • Shave/colour hair
    • Sing a karaoke song (or the club theme song) at the next social event (e.g. Presentation night)
    • Run a fun run dressed as mascot or in full team uniform or a costume of some description

This should encourage your supporters to donate, and also to get their networks to donate to make sure the goal is reached.

Would you like a real hand spicing up your project? Simply contact your Sports Partnership Manager now!

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