Using your club or personal social media channels to reach out to your community and ask for donations coming in to End-of-Financial year is a great idea, it’s free, low drag and has the potential to reach plenty of donors.

Our marketing experts at the Sports Foundation have drafted a few social media posts that you can copy & paste and fill in the blanks.


1.The countdown is on! We are just <<X number of days/weeks>> away from the End of Financial Year. We have partnered with the @Australian Sports Foundation to <<fundraising project summary>> and any donation that you can make is greatly appreciated and help us be able to <<project summary>>, another plus is that it’s completely tax-deductible! <<Link to your project page>


2. Registration day is happening this weekend. Through our partnership with the @Australian Sports Foundation we are asking members to consider making a tax-deductible donation when they register this weekend – the money raised will go towards <<project summary>>. Help us reach our target of $<<donation target>> and grab a tax-deduction before June! Jump the queue and make your donation today <<donation link>>


3. Thank you to all of our very generous members who have made donations to our <<Project Name>>. The club is proud to say that we have raised $<<amount>>. We will now be able to <<result of fundraising>>. We are truly lucky to have you all as members and can’t wait to see what this season will bring. It’s not too late if you didn’t get a chance to donate, you can do this at any time via the link and if you donate now, you can claim a tax-deduction on your donation <<donation link>>

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