Use your project page and social media to its fullest potential

With your portal, you have more control than ever before to manage your projects. Images, video and a meaningful story capture the attention of potential donors- login to your portal now and see if you can add some more content to your project page.

Many organisations don’t have the time or budget to build their own website- fortunately you have the ability to utilise your project page as your own project website. You can link e-newsletters, emails, social media etc. to your project page.

For those organisations that get a lot of traffic through their own website though, we recommend adding some information about your fundraising project and downloading a DONATE NOW button for instant redirection to the online donation form for your project. You want to make it as easy as possible for your supporters to donate, and it doesn’t get any easier than “one click”!


Donation Ask: Social Media Post Template

Facebook is one of the best and easiest ways to
1. Explain your fundraising project and what you are asking for
2. Share a relevant photo (of the team in action, the clubhouse you’re renovating, the ovals etc.)
3. Share your project link so people can donate!

Copy and paste this template into your club/organisation Facebook page as a starting point:

<(WE)Melbourne Cat’s Netball Club> are fundraising with the Australian Sports Foundation to <purchase new uniforms for our junior teams>, a donation of just <$30> will make a huge difference to our girls and to our club! A donation to this project is completely tax-deductible and quick and easy using this link <project URL>



Instagram is all about the picture so choose a good quality photo and keep the caption short, it’s important to remember that any links in the photo caption don’t work so put your project link in your Instagram bio :

We’re raising money through the Sports Foundation to <purchase new uniforms for our girls’ team> use the link in our bio to help us out!

Share the love on social media

If you’re posting on Twitter or Instagram, keep your story short and sweet and just provide a link to the longer version of your fundraising story. Don’t forget that Instagram is all about visuals so choose the best photo you can!

Facebook allows for longer more informative posts and you can also link to your donation page. Again, make sure you chuck in a couple of photos of your competing in your sport because the numbers show that posts that contain photos get 60% more engagement than those without!

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