Using Visuals to Maximise Impact  

Have you ever been browsing online, maybe doing online shopping or just doing some research, you’ve clicked on a website and it looks terrible – blurry pictures (if any) and only a few sentences? How likely would you be to buy something or use the information from this webpage?  

Answer: Highly Unlikely 

This is how you should approach your own fundraising page on the Sports Foundation site, if you were a potential donor and looked at the page: does it make you want to give and does it look appealing, professional and informative?  

Having high quality and relevant images on your fundraising page is one of the most important factors to maximise donations. Pictures and images create an emotional response in the donor and help in your story telling.

Telling your fundraising story is super important and we cover it over here but ensuring your story is backed up by eye catching photos is critical.  


Budget & Resources  

This is the biggest road block for most grassroots clubs and schools. They don’t have the money to organise a photographer to come to games or to buy a quality camera that a volunteer can use.  


Get the little things right

Making sure your images are the right size for the page is the first thing to do, this will ensure they look correct on our website and you aren’t cropping out any heads or logos. Use this link to see what size your images need to be and you can use an online tool to resize your images:

Simple Image Resizer – Is exactly as the name says, easily select images from your computer, define the size of your image by selecting dimensions and using the dimensions we specify in another article and press resize. You can then download the images back on to your computer by right clicking on the picture and saving.



Our tip here is use what you’ve got: have you reached out to your community, maybe there is a parent, player, supporter who loves photography and would be available to take some photos? Put a call out on Facebook, in your newsletter or stick a flyer up in the clubhouse.  

We can almost guarantee that a kid in your club or school owns an iPhone or smartphone and knows how to use it.  

Tip: don’t try and use a phone camera to capture games or action because the zoom is not powerful enough to show anything meaningful. Instead get nice and close at training or events and you can even stage a pic of a handball or shot on goals. Why not make it a competition within the club of who can get the best action shots? Then you’ll have a plethora to choose from!  



If your call out to the community has come up empty, then look beyond them.  

Does the local high school have a photography or media class, maybe there are students who want to get some experience and build their portfolio, does your club have enough in the budget to offer them some monetary incentive for their time and effort? If not, you could offer the student free rego if they join the sports team (free photos and a new player = win/win!)  

Same goes if there is a CIT, TAFE or Community College nearby, they are sure to have budding media or photography students that may be willing to lend a hand.  



Using videos in your project page is easy especially if you already have videos on Youtube – you can just add the links straight in to your project page

Stock Images are your friend

The internet is a big place and if you can’t get quality photos of your team then it’s perfectly acceptable to use Stock Images (professional photographs bought and sold on a royalty-free basis and can be used and reused) to help tell your fundraising story and maximise impact on your Sports Foundation page.  

Some of our favourite sites to get free good quality photos are: – easy to use, just search a keyword to do with your club or school fundraising like “soccer” or “grass” for example, click the image you like and then download free. The only negative is that this site is mostly full of images from the US so Aussie Rules, Cricket and Netball pics are harder to come by. 

Pexals – like Unsplash, a little less variety but still great quality and free, just search for an image, select the one you like and download.   

Examples we like 

Often the fundraising projects we share through the Australian Sports Foundation social media channels are the ones that catch our eye on the website. They have nice photos and tell an interesting story, check out a few of our favourites and see just how they sell their cause using photos and a compelling story:  

 Assoc. Of Veteran Surfers – Ocean Therapy   

Firstly the thumbnail photo (the little square picture that appears on the website and is on the right here) is unique and makes you want to know more. Once on their page they’ve got a great banner image as well as a few group shots which make the donor feel more compelled to give to a personal and friendly organisation and they include a Youtube video too! And the story… A+  

Note: They haven’t added any surfing action shots, maybe they didn’t have a waterproof camera but even without these images the reader still knows what they are donating too.  Action shots are not a must have.  


Caulfield Grammar School Foundation – Rowing Fund 

The first photo on their page shows the school supporting and cheering on the rowing team, gives the reader a feeling of unity and belonging: like they want to support the team too, this is what we mean about images inspiring an emotional response from a reader.  


Metropolitan Golf Club Foundation – Facility Upgrade

A picture paints a thousand words really is true for this kind of fundraising project. If you’re fundraising to build something (clubhouse or changeroom) or redevelop an oval or a course, then it’s great to get some before pictures and if possible a sketch or artist impression of what the facility will look like after it’s completed. This allows the donor to picture the finished product and understand how they can help.  



Now that you’re armed with a few ideas on how to get more photos in your collection there’s no excuse to not have your Sports Foundation page looking schmick. If you have questions or want to run ideas past us, message us on Facebook or get in touch with your Sports Partnership Manager   

Happy snapping, downloading or drawing of photos!

Hannah Solly

Marketing Executive



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