Summer – Hot Tips

Summer sports are just around the corner!

As a club committee you are no doubt starting to think about the upcoming season.

Make sure your fundraising projects are part of your planning! Here are our HOT TIPS to getting your fundraising ready for Summer!


Has your fundraising page lapsed since last season? Start this year off right and make the most of your fundraising by making sure your project page on our website is up to date. Maybe your story needs a revamp, or you need some new images uploaded to your page. The below links can help you with both!

Creating an engaging story

What image should I use


Have a think about how you are going to tell your members and the community about your fundraising projects and ask for donations. There are lots of ways to shout your story from the rooftops, but we’ve found some of the most effective ways are as follows.

Send an email to your members reminding them that pre-season training is starting, ask them to consider donating to your project. It can be as simple as;

Did you know that the club is fundraising for new lighting to be installed at the playing fields? We need your help to reach of goal of $10,000 by the end of this year. Donations to our fundraising project over $2 are tax deductible. Any donation, no matter how big or small will help the club! Click here to donate

It’s likely that your club already has its own website which will be invaluable when it comes to promoting your fundraising campaign. Include a donate now button on your website so your donors can make their donation now! (link to donate now buttons)

Share your fundraising project on social media. This is a great platform to get your story to the outside world. Use your 30-50 word story version and link to your Sports Foundation project when posting on your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and any other social media sites you’re active on (you will need a much shorter version for Twitter though!).


An “add on” donation is where you include the option to add a donation to an existing transaction such as membership or registration fees, tickets, merchandise etc.
It is one of the best times to ask for a donation because your members, customers and supporters are already engaged in another transaction; it’s really no extra effort for them to opt in to donating.

To find out all the Do’s and Don’ts with Add-ons please refer to page 28 in the Fundraising Tool Kit.

Before you include an add-on at your club, speak with our Partnership Managers to assist you with the process.


It’s great to hear from some of our previous fundraising partners about what was successful for them. Have a read and see how you can adopt these ideas for your club

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Murrumbeena Tennis Club

Want to know more about how the Sports Foundation can help you with your fundraising? Contact our Sport Partnership Managers who can help you get your fundraising on track.

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