Giving to sport research and insights – NEW RESEARCH AVAILABLE

Our partners in this project were Marketscape, a professional research firm who share our passion for understanding giving to sport. Marketscape delivered the research and prepared this report.

This report is the first of a series and provides fundamental insights about key donor motivations, needs and expectations related to sports giving and ideas about unlocking the growth potential for fundraising. Upcoming reports will focus on further research findings and other important topics regarding sports giving.

As Australia’s leading sports fundraiser, we already collect and analyse donation data which answers the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, and HOW MUCH questions. The current research together with future similar studies will continually enrich our knowledge about sport donors and provide the WHY behind sports giving. We wanted to understand this so that we could help you understand this.

We asked this question to donors from all over the country in one-hour in-depth interviews and turned this into the first research report of its kind to understand why Aussies give to sport.

Our short and creative report looks at key factors that contribute to giving and what engages donors and makes donors want to give to sport, and give again.

We examine nine key donor motivators

We’ve even looked closely at the donor giving journey to help you understand more about how your club or organisation can create more meaningful experiences for your donors.

We hope you enjoy reading our report as much as we enjoyed preparing it.


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