About the project

Ebony is a high achieving academic student, an Indigenous Student Ambassador, in her first year of high school, and a passionate cheerleader. She has been selected to compete for Cheer FX in an elite team to compete at NCA Nationals in Dallas, Texas USA in February 2020.

NCA Nationals is the largest cheerleading competition in the world with over 25000 athletes and 38000 spectators, it is an amazing opportunity for Ebony to experience the hype and competition at an international level. This fundraising will support Ebony by helping her cover costs of travel, accommodation, training fees, uniforms, cheer shoes and competition fees for her competition.

By having the opportunity to compete internationally, this will give Ebony more experience and training, and be another stepping stone to help her fulfil her dreams of competing at the Olympics. We sincerely hope you can help Ebony achieve her dreams of representing not only Cheer FX at this event, but also Australia.

  • Mat and Emma Brisby

    Your network family support you :) You will do amazing things Ebony :)

  • Manda Perren

    Give it everything you’ve got Eb, and have an awesome fun time.

  • Nana vi Minchell

    Hoping this will help you reach your goal sweetie.nan is the first yeah so cool.

  • Carla Putland

    You are amazing ❤️

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