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Report a Fundraiser

The Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) is committed to encouraging and empowering Australians to donate to sport, while ensuring our platform is secure and safe. Fortunately, fraud or the misuse of funds raised using the ASF platform is very rare. However, if we are made aware of any concerns about a fundraiser, our team will investigate promptly. 

What it means to report a Fundraiser 

If you have a legitimate concern about one of our fundraisers, please report it to us so we can investigate. Your details will remain strictly confidential, unless we are compelled by law to share them with the fundraiser. 

Fundraisers who are proven to violate our Terms and Conditions, or misuse funds raised, will be removed from our platform and the ASF may, at its sole discretion, take additional action against the fundraiser depending on the circumstances. It should be noted however that personal disputes or disagreements that do not violate our Terms and Conditions are not a matter for the ASF and will not result in any action on our part. 

How to report a Fundraiser 

Before you submit a report, we’d encourage you to read through our Common Donor Questions and Concerns article, as these may alleviate your concerns. 

If you’d like to formally report a Fundraiser, please complete the form below. 

If you’d prefer to lodge a general enquiry with us, please complete our Contact Us form. 

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