We raise money for Australian sport!


We work with sports clubs and organisations, large and small, and from all over the country, to help raise money for Australian sport. We partner with grassroots and community organisations right through to elite and national levels to help raise funds for vital projects – projects that will help improve the health of our nation, build our communities and strengthen our national sporting identity. Partnering with us means that donations of $2 or more are tax deductible, which is a real benefit to donors and makes fundraising easier.

We have more than 600 active fundraising projects via our Sport Incentive Program. These partnerships are raising millions of dollars for projects – ranging from the purchase of new equipment and building or upgrading of sports facilities, to projects designed to increase participation or enhance elite performance and much, much more. If your club or organisation is thinking of raising funds for a sporting project, find out more about how we can help.

We also run a small grants program, Giving4Grassroots™, which provides funding to increase participation in grassroots and community sport. Giving4Grassroots™ is currently providing financial support to dozens of projects in every state and territory, benefiting around 14,000 participants across the country. Find out more about ASF grants.

So, if you are involved with an organisation wanting to raise funds for a sporting project, we can help you!

Sport is part of the Australian way of life. It builds communities, teaches life skills such as teamwork and leadership and encourages a healthy and active lifestyle. If you want to help us safeguard the future of our communities and strengthen our national sporting identity, donate to Australian sport today.

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