About the project

My journey in paddling began as an under 15 at Trigg Island SLSC where I was introduced to surfski. Inspired by older members, I began to focus more and more of my time to the sport. Having found success at both state and Australian level on the ocean, I ultimately was selected to the Australian Ocean Racing team. In order to take my paddling to the next level, I began to train in a sprint kayak as it served as a great tool to perfect my technique and improve my fitness on flatwater. It was here I discovered my love for going fast, and now sprint is my focus discipline in paddling with my sights set on the Olympic Games.

I am coached by Olympian Jesse Phillips and Andrew Crothers, who is the Australian Club Coach of the Year as awarded by Paddle Australia, the governing body of all paddlesports across the country. My training specifically targets the 500m distance, as this will be the only distance contested by women in the kayak singles at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. 

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