About the project

World #1 rank in Duathlon is my goal. As a non-funded arm of Triathlon fundraising is key to being able to chase our goals in this sport. Our training in Duathlon is very similar as for a Triathlete, time consuming, to say the least.

I have been on the Elite Athlete Program at Murdoch university which has allowed some juggling of work loads to fit into competitions which are mainly international as there are very few races in Australia. Powerman in Asia is grown massively and so an Australian presence in those Elite fields is as much about national pride growing the sport as it is about competing. Passion only gets you so far. Funding and building long term partnerships with sponsors is crucial to success.

  • Chris Davison

    Smithy, keep up the hard work in your training and let it pay off with great results at the World Champs!

  • Nick Manifis

    Run well Matt :)

  • Peter Kelly

    Go Matt

  • Nicolas Manifis

    Good luck Matt!

  • Conor Ransome

  • Milan Viskovich

    Best wishes!!!

  • Chris Davison

    Hey Smithy, you are an inspiration to both ourselves and our kids. Keep running strong mate! Cheers Chris and Melanie

  • Maurice Monk

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