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We can't see this club growing without you!

The club is struggling to service the local communities desire for a multicultural, welcoming, community-minded Football club. We play at Hansen Reserve, where there are two grounds available for use. However, the lighting at the ground is no longer fit for purpose with only 1 of 3 light towers working effectively to support the visibility needs of the two grounds at night-time. At present, only 1/6th of the usable playing area is lit.

We cannot grow or service more members of the community without your help

The knock-on affects of this lack of lighting are two-fold. One, we do not have the lighting available to support the sheer demand of our participants. We have to cap participation rates to ensure the safety of those are in attendance at training. Secondly, because the teams train in such a small part of the field, the general wear-and-tear one would expect of a sports team using a sports ground is significantly multiplied. There are points in the season where training is not possible, as training on rainy evenings may mean that we are unable to play or train in future weeks due to safety concerns with divots that are unable to heal due to excessive use.

For the club to achieve its aims of establishing a Junior and Women's arm of the club to better service our community, with your help we are hoping to raise funds to put toward repairing or replacing the current flood lights at Hansen Reserve.

Any donation or support that you can afford will go a long way to improving the lives of young Men and Women in the West Footscray and Greater Maribyrnong region, and help the wider community recover from COVID.

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