About the project

“MRP is fun and gives me a chance to play what I may never have been able to play before.” George Storie USQ Saints Toowoomba MRP Player 2016 & 2017

Imagine being able to change the lives of more children just like George – girls and boys with learning and perceptual disabilities who are currently feeling isolated from their friends and their community. Your donation, whether large or small, will do just that. At GingerCloud Foundation particularly through the Modified Rugby Program (MRP) Growth of World - First Modified Rugby Program we are driven to achieve this dream every day.

The dream where our children feel safe, where they belong and have a home forever in rugby.

Through the MRP our vision is to celebrate our children’s strengths rather than focus on their challenges and to create opportunities for long term pathways for inclusion.

We need your help and financial support to achieve this and together we will change the lives of our children for generations.

What is the Modified Rugby Program (MRP)?

The MRP is a new  world first, modified form of rugby in which each boy and girl with a learning and perceptual disability has their own PlayerMentor on the field supporting them. Each PlayerMentor is educated about children with learning and perceptual disabilities, mentoring and leadership through the GingerCloud Leadership Program featuring our MRP Ambassadors Nathan Sharpe, Tim Horan AM, Stephen Moore and Andrew Ready.

Why is the MRP so important?

14% of primary school aged children in Australia are challenged by learning and perceptual disabilities (Speech Pathology Australia). Through the MRP, girls and boys experience regular success and grow to understand what they can do rather than what they can’t. The MRP allows them to experience the sheer thrill of playing rugby often for the very first time. The MRP embodies the essence and spirt of rugby, which embraces respect, diversity and inclusion.

How can you help?

To make a tax deductible donation to the MRP, please click on the yellow ‘Donate to the team’ tab and then donate to your preferred team.

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However if you can still help us reach our goal by donating above.

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Be inspired by the Modified Rugby Program (MRP) journey and help us change the lives of girls and boys with learning and perceptual disabilities for generations to come.

The magic of the MRP is created through the engagement of the PlayerMentors with their MRP Players each time they train and play. It’s through these relationships that we are giving PlayerMentors the experience of a special needs world and how to embrace diversity to create success. Helping PlayerMentors achieve their goals is equally as important as the support they give their MRP Players. We know real change happens when value is shared so we aim to help our PlayerMentors experience the sheer power of giving back.

Hear from our MRP Players, PlayerMentors and MRP Ambassadors about what the MRP means to them. Please feel free to share these stories with your family, friends and community.

MRP Player
“Its great seeing all the other kids happy, having fun and playing together with me. I used to wish I could play a team sport and now I do.” Finlay Baird, MRP Player 2016.

MRP PlayerMentor
“….He’s just sparked up into a happier little child; he is so much more outgoing…it’s just awesome.” Sarah Tomlinson, PlayerMentor 2016.

MRP Coach
“To me personally being a PlayerMentor and coach for the Modified Rugby Program (MRP) has been such a life changing opportunity. Now I know going into the future, I want to do something with kids because of the MRP.” Nathan Bucolo, MRP Player Mentor 2014, Assistant Coach 2015, MRP Coach 2016.

MRP Ambassador
“The continuity of developing your leadership is really important. It’s not something that happens overnight and it’s not something that people are born with. It’s what that they learn, on the spot, in the job, whilst they are actually influencing something.” Nathan Sharpe, MRP Ambassador 2014 - 2017.

To watch other inspiring videos, go to the MRP website www.mymrp.org/videos or follow our Modified Rugby Program YouTube channel.


Together, we can do this

Help us move more girls and boys off the sidelines and into the main game in 2018. Key to this growth is our ability to fund team coaches for each MRP, MRP 7’s and MRP Colts teams next season.

To help us do this, we’re asking our MRP and MRP Colts teams to raise $1600 and our MRP 7's teams to raise $800 by June 24, our End of Season Carnival. The MRP 7's fundraising goal is lower as these teams have less participants than our MRP teams.

The MRP/MRP Colts and MRP 7’s team with the highest total fundraising amount by June 24 will win their place on the field with The Queensland Reds for a once in a lifetime training experience.

So please dig deep and help all our PlayerMentors meet this goal!

Don’t wait…Donate. To donate to the MRP, please clink on the yellow “Donate to the team” tab and then donate to your preferred team.

Help us change the world’s perception of children with learning and perceptual disabilities one rugby club at a time.

  • M Corfe

    Go GPS

  • Ian Robertson

    Great program and you can see the happiness on the kids faces when playing

  • Lynnette and Derek

    Modified Rugby - what a terrific program. Go the Brothers Blues (and Reds).

  • Jon Bryant

    Tiger for Life!

  • Philippa Spork

    Go MRP! We love what you do for kids who perceive and learn differently - and are really pleased our kids have been and are Mentors! x

  • Garth Adam

    MRP Rugby is the best thing to happen for my boy Lucas. Thanks to all at Ginger Cloud, Reds, Brothers and mentors!

  • Chris Bond

    Great initiative! Fostering social inclusion for those with an impairment. We need more programs like this

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