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Mum's Exercise Group Australia (MEGA) is a social enterprise that operates as a not-for-profit, run solely by volunteers – mums supporting mums to improve their physical, social and emotional wellbeing.

In order to operate MEGA is required to hold Public Liability Insurance and Volunteer, Professional Indemnity and Workers Compensation Insurance, Australian Music License, as well as other operational bills. In order to stay afloat, we need $10,000 a year.

MEGA had been covering these costs through a small membership fee for our face-to-face events in Canberra. When COVID hit in 2020, our membership ceased - meaning our income has been non-existent for a year. However, COVID has not stopped the bills.

We have applied for numerous grants during 2020 and have been successful with a few but unfortunately, they do not cover the operational expenses required to run MEGA.

Without further financial support, MEGA's future is on the line. 

We are calling on our passionate and caring community to make a donation to support MEGA so that we can continue to help Australian mothers and mothers-to-be! 

All donations, no matter the amount, will help MEGA survive and ensure that mums can continue to enjoy the physical, social and emotional benefits that MEGA provides. 

We have partnered with the Australian Sports Foundation so that donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. 

Do you love MEGA and want to help more? Or maybe you are not in a financial position to currently assist but would still like to help in other ways. Either way – you can help by sharing a link to our fundraising page with a message about what MEGA means to you on your social media pages or send it directly to family, friends, or your favourite businesses.

Got another idea? Send us an email at info@megamums.com.au

Thank you so much for any support you can give MEGA! x

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  • Renee Mate

    Great support network

  • Rhean Ashcroft

    Mega saved me when we moved to Australia. I think it is a fantastic concept. Fingers crossed we save it. To all the amazing facilitator, thank you.

  • Isa Menzies

    This is such a wonderful initiative, and I am really appreciative. I hope we can keep it going!

  • Nicolle Power

    Good luck MEGA!

  • Jena Prince

    I moved to Canberra last year with a 6 month old and knew only one other person (who didn't have a baby). MEGA was a life saver - I could find something to go do every day (that was free or affordable) - getting out of the house, meeting other mums and babies, and moving my body kept me sane. If MEGA didnt exist I wouldn't have been able to access that sort of support and community. Thankyou to all the volunteers who make it happen.

  • Katherine Power

    Such an important community service ❤️

  • Emily Bava

    Such a wonderful organisation that helps so many women keep active and healthy, as well as creating great connections and friendships.

  • Bonnie Page

    You're awesome MEGA Mums!

  • Natasha Wolton

    I love MEGA and all the wonderful friends I have made. Long may it continue x

  • Kitta Escalona

    I love the support MEGA FNQ has given me since we moved in Cairns. They are my family now since we dont have anyone nearby. The mums are just sooo amazing. 💖💖💖

  • Alex Tanner

    Love mega. Don’t want to loose these fab ladies

  • Kim Strunz

    You do such a great job. Hopefully you can keep going for at least another year

  • Angela Eaton

    Such a great community of people and been a great help in my journey to get fit again!!!

  • Nicole Lane

    Keep up the great work MEGA!

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