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As many in the community will be aware Olympic Skiing legend Steve Lee suffered a massive stroke at home in Falls Creek in early September. Steve is a three time Olympian and the second ever Australian to claim victory on the Alpine World Cup circuit. He is a loved and respected member of the skiing community and he desperately needs your help.

Steve is currently in a rehab facility in Wangaratta and is paralysed on his left side. He will need ongoing treatment, support and assistance to get him back to something that resembles a normal life again.

Steve will need significant financial support in order for this to happen and Snow Australia is calling on the broader snow community to help out.  

All donations made through the Australian Sports Foundation portal are tax deductible. We urge you to support Steve and to encourage others to do the same.

After you donate follow Steve's progress on his 'Support Tribe' facebook page.

Donations can be made by credit card, EFT or by cheque. Please note if donating by EFT from overseas you will need to use the Swift Code: WPACAU25. For more information on donating via EFT or cheque, click here.

  • Rachel Adami

    Hang in there Steve, you’ll be back up and nude dancing again. This is just another albeit huge challenge you’ve faced. Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery.

  • Matthew Neylon

    Steve you are a legend and an inspiration in the way you have led your life and l hope you are ok .

  • Matt Hampton

    Steve, You’ve been an inspiration to me my entire life, keep pushing and get after it legend!

  • Andrew Fawcett

    Keep at it mate

  • Tim Barber

    In the epic snow year of 1981 The Lee Family welcomed me to Falls Creek like one of the family. I've never forgotten their kindness. Thinking of you Steven. See you soon. Tim Barber.

  • Mandy OConnor

    Steve Lee

  • Felix Belczyk

    With you all the way! Fight Back.

  • Staff at Frying Pan Inn

    A portion of Frying Pan Inn staff tips for April 2021. The staff team at Frying Pan Inn wish Steve all the best in his continued recovery.

  • Tips from Staff Team

    The staff team at Frying Pan Inn, Falls Creek, have donated a portion of their tips to Steve Lee.


    Keep fighting Steve, we are wishing you all the best in your recovery,our kids [now in their 40,s ]remember you as their admired ski champion ,presenting them trophies in Myrtleford Ski club .Graeme ,Margie ,Belinda and Simo Mclean

  • Melanie Tarling

    Glad to be part of such a great cause.

  • Michael Ballingall

    Steve, What a year. From the Schumann/Plimmer family and all your friends at Big White Ski Resort, we wish you all the best. I've been challenged to do this for some time, but the bike ride this past weekend got me motivated to get this small gift done. You are truly an inspiration to all of us and we wish you, your family, and all your supporters good health and a good fight. Your legend is alive and well. Ritchie might say he was faster but I don't think he was.

  • Gary Young

    Hi Steve, I will never forget early in the 80's watching you ski at Falls Creek and how it inspired me to keep on trying to become a better skier. It is inspiring now to hear how you are fighting back and I am very happy to make a small donation which I hope will be of help in some way. Best wishes on your journey ahead. Cheers, Gary Young

  • Nick Lyster

    Steve, Good luck with recovery. Nick

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