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Swim It Forward

Our research shows that more than half (55%) of all Australian children are not learning to swim due to the cost to enrol in lessons and in recent times over 8 million swimming lessons were missed due COVID-19.

In 2021 alone, twelve Aussie kids under 5 years old drowned. This is unacceptable.

We believe learning to swim is a lifesaving skill every child should receive regardless of income or ability and our aim is to help more children receive this vital education and lifelong skill.

Swim It Forward is an initiative to take the financial barrier out of the equation and get more disadvantaged Australian families enrolled in swimming lessons at their local swim school.

For every child we help place into a learn to swim program, the more we lower the risk of drowning deaths and grow confidence in our kids to love swimming and the water.

With your help we will radically improve the number of children learning to swim and make a big difference in preventing drownings.

How can you help?

You have the power to be a HERO!

You can register below as a fundraising champion and get your very own online fundraising page to collect donations for the campaign.


You can swim it forward and donate lessons to make swimming a child's superpower!

$20 will provide one lesson to a child

$200 will provide a child with lessons for one term

$800 will provide a child with lessons for a whole year

Please make your tax-deductible donation today and help a child to Swim it Forward!

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Swim it Forward Competition

To reward swim schools and fundraisers for helping this worthy cause we are running a competition for our most active fundraisers!

The top 3 registered Swim it Forward fundraisers that either:

- Raise the most money during the campaign


- Receive the most number of donations

Will receive some great prizes listed in the adjacent infographic.

The competition will run from:

November 15th 2021 until midnight March 31st 2022.


Past Recipients stories


Here is Little Mermaid Holly age 5 with her superstar teacher Grace enjoying swimming lessons funded as part of the Swim Safer initiative, Swim It Forward.
On Behalf of Hollys' family, Thankyou.

Hollys Teacher:

When Holly first came into my class, she was very nervous and timid around the water. She was very much out of her comfort zone being in the swimming pool.

Fast forward to the end of term and Holly loves coming to swimming lessons each week and has excelled tremendously. She now has the ability to tread water for 30+ seconds, swim independently through the water 6-8 m and practise basic freestyle arms, submerge 1.5 metres, and can confidently jump into the water and swim back to the water with no assistance. Overall, The Swim It Forward Campaign has given Holly immense confidence in and around the water. She has grown not only in her swimming skills, also in herself and ability to work through skills and situations she isn’t comfortable in to flourish and become stronger at what ever she sets her mind to. It has been an absolute pleasure nurturing Holly through her fist term of swimming lessons. Way to go Holly & big thankyou to Swim Australia and the Swim It Forward campaign.

Holly’s mum:

Holly is very much enjoying her lessons so far, she's improved her breath control dramatically and is an overall more confident swimmer. She's been very fond of her teachers and she looks forward to swimming each week. It's also given me some confidence in her abilities around water as she’s learning skills to help her swim safely!
A big thankyou to Swim Australia and the pay it forward campaign

Swim School Manager:

What an initiative by Swim Australia, I feel very humbled to be able to deliver lesson through the swim it forward campaign to our community who cannot otherwise afford lessons. It makes my heart sing watching Grace and Holly over the term swimming together. When Holly started, she was nervous, shy and had little to no swimming skills. I have witnessed Holly grow her confidence in and around the water and her skills have gone from a complete non swimmer to being able to swim through the water independently and also has sound water safety skills like treading water, floating and jumping in and returning to the side.

Myra 5 years
Jonah 2.5 years

Parent testimony:

Thankyou, my kids have become confident in the water in only a few lessons. My son who had never been swimming before was able to find the confident to touch the bottom of the pool and move unassisted through the water. I am super proud and grateful to Kylie and her team. My daughter is learning fast and feels safe and is excited every week to come and swim. Everyone makes us feel welcome and is teaching kids so much fun while teaching them life skills. Thankyou

  • Carlos Chahine

    Awesome cause. Happy to help

  • Richard Cameron

    What a fantastic idea and I am sure it will be a huge success and thank you for organising it.. Swim well and stay safe

  • Chanaka Opatha

    Wish for olympians to emerge from talented Australia.

  • Barb Eneberg

    Every Australian child should be able to learn to swim , regardless of the cost . Do this is a fabulous initiative!

  • John Vorgias

    Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. - Ryunosuke Satoro

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