About the project

What is the Albatross Nippers?

The Albatross Nippers is a nipper program designed for those children who live in the local community with special needs. It is a program that runs within the standard nipper program. So in the same way that each nipper Sunday will have an Under 11 group, an Under 12 group there will also be an Albatross group. With minimal disruption to the nipper Sunday program the Albatross Nippers rotate through the nipper areas similar to the other age groups. Albeit they do modify their activities based on their abilities and needs.

Why is the Albatross Nippers an important program?

Up until very recently children with special needs have been unable to attend nippers. While on the surface this may not seem like a big deal. In so many cases and areas the friendships and family bonds that are created at nippers last a life time. It’s where families and children from the local area meet and socialize and unfortunately for families with children with special needs this has been more difficult or off limits.

Through our partnership with the Australian Sports foundation, any donation over $2 is tax deductible and would be greatly appreciated.


  • Gaynor and Scott Berechree

    Good work Nick & to all involved we admire your work & dedication ❤️


    Go the Albatross nippers!!

  • Russell Green

    Outstanding program delivered by a great bunch of people. Take a bow Nick Marshall and team.

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