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Donate now to help secure future grant rounds!

Funds raised for G4G™ come from generous donors, like you, who love sport. They want to see more people playing sport and benefiting from the enjoyment and positive impact that it has on our communities. There are hundreds of wonderful community projects that are asking for our support – and we need your help!

Donations to G4G™ of $2 or more are tax deductible, with all funds raised being used to support projects that increase participation in sport and aim to help secure our identity as a sporting nation for generations to come. Every dollar you donate goes directly to the G4G™ pool, we then identify and select the most deserving grant recipients from around the country. Each G4G™ round is dependent on funds, and we can only continue the G4G™ program with the help of our generous donors.

Each G4G™ donor will receive a grant update with the grant recipients’ progress and information on how their generous contribution has made a difference to their sport.

Australian grassroots sport needs your help, so please donate to G4G™ today!


  • Courtney White

    This is cool

  • Courtney White

    great cause

  • Natasha Bacon

    This donation is from my late dad Allan Long. He loved sport and was very involved with his grandchildren's sport. In lieu of flowers we decided to donate money to this organisation in his honor. He was very involved in all there sports, from Cricket, Tennis and Football. We hope that it will help just a little bit to contribute to helping all children to get involved and enjoy the sport of there choice. Thank you.

  • Rhonda Stevens

    Hi Chris, Receipt will be forwarded soon. Gilbert

  • Andrew Weiss

    Donation on behalf of the Guest Lecturers part of the subject Managing Innovation in Sport Growth held at La Trobe University in 2017.

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