About the project

Brisbane City FC is seeking to recognise donors who contribute $290 or more for one or multiple seats at our stadium, using the funds not only to complete the 1st tier of our stadium with seating but allow us to install much needed lighting and a field at our newly acquired Newmarket Bowls Club site for our Children.

So "Take A Seat", be a part of City history and support the club to enhance the lives of young people through football.


  • Stacie Montgomery

    2018 U10 TAS Coach: Carmine Iovino

  • Tino Pezzimenti

    Proud life member

  • Thomas Laxton

    BCFC Coaches - Tom Mitch Bill TK

  • Andrew Hertsch

    We believe in the development of the next generation of footballers at BCFC and hope our contribution helps take football to the next level.

  • Gatehouses

    Forza City!

  • Anthony Pennisi

    Giuseppe Pennisi Anthony Pennisi

  • Gayna Armstrong

    John, Gayna, Jack, Molly Armstrong.

  • Martin Millard

    Please can we have one seat Martin Millard and one Seat Patrick Millard Thanks Dawn

  • Shaun Guyatt

    Donated by the Guyatt family

  • Taj Stephenson

    Very worthwhile cause

  • Janine Griffiths

    Kobi (“Kobes”) Griffiths U8, U9, U10, U11 BCFC Academy & SAP 2015-2018 “Forza City”

  • Shane Churchward

    Great concept, Well done Brisbane City FC!

  • Trey King & Family

    Bleed blue! Continue growing and building footballers of the future. Go city! 👍

  • David Asnicar

    2 Seats David Asnicar President 2015 - 2017 Hudson Asnicar (2006 - )

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