About the project

Rowing at Brisbane Grammar is a unique experience. Boys have the opportunity to learn new skills, train and compete at the same facility as the Olympians who have gone before them, and create new and lasting friendships with their crew members and coaches.

This fundraising project enables the School to purchase additional rowing equipment and cover costs associated with the general running of the School's Rowing program. 

Funds raised ultimately benefit the students participating. With more available funds, the School's rowing program can continue to successfully work towards its aim of developing self-esteem, commitment, team-work and sportsmanship. 


  • David Weightman

    Hugh & Drew Weightman Rowathon 2018

  • Dan mullany

    from the mullany family

  • Anne Clifton

    Well done to all involved in the Brisbane Grammar Rowathon

  • Lynnette Dillon

    Congratulations George Owens Brisbane Grammar School Rowathon

  • Lynnette Dillon

    Congratulations Noah Rosemann Brisbane Grammar School Rowathon

  • Will Harris

    BGS Rowathon 2018/2019

  • Berkeley and Sarah Cox

    Good luck for the 2018/ 19 rowing season BGS Rowing!

  • Jaime Wood

    Sponsored junior 1st team

  • Daniel Young

    Go get em boys!

  • Emily Jones

    Go boys!

  • Peter Cory

    Go mighty 7's!

  • michael forrest

    Row hard Jude and Sean!

  • Jenny Rowland

    Wishing you great success Tim! We will be wishing your team all the best. Love from Rowland Grandparents.

  • Susannah Rowland

    Happy Rowing Tim!

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