About the project

Rowing at Brisbane Grammar is a unique experience. Boys have the opportunity to learn new skills, train and compete at the same facility as the Olympians who have gone before them, and create new and lasting friendships with their crew members and coaches.

This fundraising project enables the School to purchase additional rowing equipment and cover costs associated with the general running of the School's Rowing program. 

Funds raised ultimately benefit the students participating. With more available funds, the School's rowing program can continue to successfully work towards its aim of developing self-esteem, commitment, team-work and sportsmanship. 


  • Louise Lockyer

    Riley Lockyer - Rowathon

  • Simon Canfield

    Great work Ryan Johnson for your epic row.

  • Alice Li


  • David Weightman

    Rowathon donation for three Weightman brothers

  • Sonja McKeddie

    Well done Myles Houghton(Grade 8) on your rowathon efforts!!!!!

  • Florence Ong

    Well done Jacob O (year 10). from mum, grandma, olivia and emily

  • Anne Clifton

    Well Done Boys on completing a great number of kms for the Rowathon

  • James MacPherson

    BGS Rowing Rowathon 2019

  • Robert Turner

    Well done Austin, good work Robbie Turner


    Well done Austen

  • Trudy Duffy

    Well done Austen, great rowing..!!

  • Katrina Chiu

    Congratulations Austen. Great work. From Wallworks x

  • Michael Forrest

    Sean Forrest Rowathon Pledges

  • Greg Smith

    This is for the sponsorship of Reid Keeley's rowathon

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