About the project

The Brumbies academy is into its 3rd season and sees some of the region’s brightest talent and many exciting young players coming through.

 Our pathway programs include the Brumbies Junior and Senior Academy’s capturing talent from U15 through to U19+. These crucial platforms support player development for match programs comprising the Brumbies U19’s and Junior Gold Cup (Brumbies U16’s and U15’s). This year also featured the exciting advent of the Super W with representation from the Brumbies Women’s team. 

 These specific programs nurture approximately 100 aspiring athletes selected for inclusion from across the region.

 We have had some great recent success in developing our next generation including several Brumbies players making their senior debuts in recent season.

 Our holistic elite youth development programs focus on developing the whole person across physical, tactical, technical, mental, leadership and nutritional facets.

 The program focuses on the players knowledge, development and improvement in physical conditioning, strength, speed, power, flexibility and physical preparation. There is also an emphasis on improving their technical skills around position, unit and team techniques for individual player development. We aim to improve their rugby knowledge across position, unit, team and style of play while enhancing their capacity for decision making and game management.

 Education is also aimed at improving the whole person not just the rugby player. It highlights other aspects in life and how they work together for better performance on and off the field.

 A critical part of the program is ensuring access to ‘specialist services’. This ranges from current elite coaches to ex professional players in addition to supplementary support from consultants across a myriad of expert services, including the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS).

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