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The Central District Football Club affiliated with the South Australian National Football League proudly represents Adelaide’s northern community including Salisbury, Elizabeth, Gawler and the Barossa Valley, home to around 250,000+ residents.

Like many in our community, we are struggling with the significant impact of COVID-19 and face an uncertain future. Our playing season has been postponed to May 31st 2020 with no certainty beyond that date. The delayed start to the season means that Clubs only revenue has come from loyal supporters who have purchased memberships and a few sponsors to whom we are extremely grateful.

If you are a lifelong fan or you are a parent of one of the many Auskickers that get to have a kick and a catch at halftime, now more than ever, your Club needs your support.  

Our Licensed Club (Grand Central) in accordance with government legislation has been closed.

With no footy and no income, Central District Football Club's future is on the line

Centrals is more than just a Football Club, it is a great escape for the wider community of the Northern Suburbs.

Without your support, this could be lost forever.

We are calling on our passionate community, supporters and all members of the SA football family to make a donation to save our Club.

All donations, no matter the amount, will help our Club survive and keep the dream of playing for the mighty Bulldogs alive for our future Bulldogs.

Your donation through the Australian Sports Foundation is tax deductible.

Go Fund Centrals

#Neveryield #Supportour2020vision

  • Val Stevens

    Time to get back to the club it’s been a while. Go you dogs

  • Russell and Emma Skingsley

    $100 per flag and $100 in advance for the next one. Donated on behalf of William Skingsley, the man who made me a lifelong Centrals supporter.

  • Amanda Oliver

    Behind you guys all the way

  • Gordon Oliver

    long live the Doggies

  • Diana Marshall

    Game day canteen staff supporting my club

  • Alan Stewart

    What a great initiative from a group of forward thinking past players. As in the past when our backs were to the wall we responded as a team & got the job done. Get behind this group & support our great club.

  • Richard and Helen Walton

    Long time supporters; we do not want the club to fold in this time of economic difficulty; see you all on the other side. Go U Dogs!!!

  • Andrew Cook

    Every dollar helps and the clubs we love will not exist without a bit of love for us all.

  • Michael Papps

    UUuuuuu DOOoooooogs! Thanks for the Grand Final replays on the Facebook page. Looking forwarded to getting back out to the Ponderosa for pie or a steak sandwich, at the game.

  • Robert King

    Played in my first 2 premierships with this club, with some great players. These were great memories, so I wish Centrals to be financially strong forever. Please donate what you can to help this great club.

  • Andrew Peter

    Go UUUU Dogs

  • Les Platt

    C'mon you mob and donate. I live in Darwin and haven't been to a match in 2 years but love the club.....

  • Joshua Gibson

    Come on you Dogs! I've gone to most games now for 20 years.

  • Mark Schwerdt

    A proud Centrals support for over 50 years.

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