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Christian Surfers Australia

Since 1977, Christian Surfers Australia has consistently provided grass roots surfing programs in coastal communities across Australia. Activities are primarily focused on participation and on the wholistic well being of each person involved. Trained leaders and volunteers provide a supportive and safe community for young people (and the young at heart) to enjoy surfing and adventure, whilst being positive role models that encourage healthy life choices and gratitude to the Creator of the waves.

What is the CSA Foundation 2020/21?

The CSA Foundation 2020/21 has been launched in partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation. All tax-deductible donations will directly and significantly contribute to the success of CSA grass roots programs throughout Australia.

In CSA Foundation 2020/21 funding will be used to fund several new initiatives and strategic projects that will better equip and serve the national movement. These crucial projects will encourage growth in the numbers of programs as well as the effective delivery of training and resourcing to leaders and volunteers.

For more information on the 2020/21 strategic plans, please don't hesitate to contact the National Fundraising Manager, Jono Bailey on jono@christiansurfers.org.au

How can I contribute?

There are three ways to contribute to the CSA Foundation 2020/21:

1. Become a Donor | Make a stand-alone tax-deductible donation of your choosing and directly contribute to the ongoing success of CSA. Make a donation of $120 or more to be recognised and acknowledged as one of our CSA Team Rider donors.

2. Give Monthly| Donate a tax-deductible amount of $10 or more monthly and you will be recognised and acknowledged as one of our CSA Team Rider Donors.

3. Donate to a Specific Project| Make a donation to a specific project area by making a stand alone or monthly tax-deductible donation. Once you have completed and processed your donation please contact Kath Bailey kath@christiansurfers.org.au with your donation details.

All donations made to the CSA Foundation are tax-deductible, and donors will be acknowledged for their generous contribution.

For any further questions about the Foundation, please email jono@christiansurfers.org.au


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