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About the project

Sharks Have Heart delivers programs which continue to have a positive social impact within the community. By addressing key social issues and measuring success over time we know that we are having a sustainable and positive impact on our local community.

As the Sharks Have Heart strive to create social impact within the community, we have developed two signature programs in the Sharks Make Bullying History Initiative and our schools resilience resource 'Game On'.

Sharks Make Bullying History Initiative

The Sharks Make Bullying History Initiative was developed in 2016 and since then has been delivered to over 10,000 students in the Sutherland Shire. Our club was eager to make an impact and difference in the lives of students within the Shire. We recognised that bullying is prevalent for nearly all students at some point in their lives, and we are working to make a difference in this space. 

Currently the Sharks Make Bullying History Initiative has visited in excess of 40 schools, over 3 years and each of these visits includes the opportunity for schools to have Brett speak to the whole student cohort, the student leaders, the teaching staff and also at a night session for the parents and wider community.

The program focuses on understanding what bullying is, why people bully and how to overcome being bullied. The program aims to build the self-esteem and self-worth of participant and explains the importance of goal setting and how to handle adversity as a result of being bullied. 

Game On

Game On has been specifically designed to build resilience into K-2 students. The book is complimented by a teachers resource booklet and video which outlines the outcomes the book aims to achieve and equips the teachers with the necessary tools to achieve this. The resources are completely free to all primary schools in the Sutherland Shire.

Game On has been designed and mapped to the National Health and Education Curriculum and the International Grotberg Resilience Framework. This resource contains resilience learning opportunities that enable both teachers and readers to extract resilience opportunities that enable both teachers and readers to extract resilience opportunities with confidence. This resource is empowering, fun and engaging and has demonstrated sustainable behaviour change in children. Each learning opportunity is contained with text bubbles at the bottom of the page.

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