About the project

Deaf Basketball Australia is committed to ensuring that our young deaf and hard of hearing basketballers have every opportunity to be part of something bigger, exciting and a pathway to achieving their personal best.

Deaf Basketball Australia also sends the National Teams to the Asia Pacific Games for the Deaf, World Deaf Basketball Championships and Deaflympic Games. Last year, for the first time, Deaf Basketball Australia’s Dingoes Team, an Under 21 Australian Deaf Men’s Basketball team participated at the Under 21 World Deaf Basketball Championships that was held at Gallaudet University in Washington DC, during July in 2018. For the Dingoes Team, it was an incredible and enriching experience for them particularly it was their first time overseas.

This year, we will be sending the AUS Deaf Men’s Team – the Goannas to the 2019 World Deaf Basketball Championships as well as the 2019 Asia Pacific Games for the Deaf. The Goannas are ranked number 1 in the Asia Pacific region and number 8 in the world. As a result of the outstanding successes contributed by the Goannas, we are keen to translate their successes for our other 3 teams; the Geckos (Senior Women), Dingoes (U21 Men) and Ringtails (U21 Women).

Because our national teams receive no Federal Government funding, we rely on the generous support of the general public to help our teams and programs prosper further. As such, our athletes, coaches and support staff are required to allocate extra time on top of their day to day commitments to fundraise in order to pay for training camps and to attend international deaf basketball competitions.

For our athletes, representing Australia is one of the highest honours they can achieve, no matter what challenges they have faced being deaf or hard of hearing throughout their lives. They take a lot of pride in representing their country alongside their like-minded peers because they know what it takes to work hard to achieve their best.

Donations for our program are tax deductible and your support will mean a lot to us all at Deaf Basketball Australia and our hard working team members.


  • Sylvain FERON

    On Rafa's behalf for his 7th birthday.

  • Mark Gabsch

    The Goannas will be champions again in Hong Kong Nov 2019, play hard and bring home another title

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