About the project

The 100Club has been established to support promising talent at EFLTC.

Become a Member of 100Club by making a tax-deductible donation of $100.

Our Mission:

To support promising EFLTC Junior and Youth members who are working diligently to develop their tennis towards an elite (Junior or Senior State-League) level, and who we can be confident will represent EFLTC with integrity.

Our Vision:

That EFLTC has a reputation amongst the WA Tennis Community as a Club that values, cares for and supports players with elite potential at every stage of their development.

Our Purpose:

To support promising EFLTC Junior and Youth members with contributions to:

·        Club memberships

·        Team uniforms

·        Pennant fees & ball fees

·        Inter-state or international tournament travel costs

·        Tournament entry fees.

Player Responsibilities:

Recipients of 100Club support will be encouraged to:

·        Conduct themselves with good sportsmanship and behaviour

·        Contribute where possible at Club based events (eg. Busy-bees, Junior Classic tournament, Open Days)

·        Participate in Club events such as Invitational-8 and Junior Club “special” events

·        Participate in the EFLTC Cub Championships

·        Participate in the annual 100Club Pro-Am day

·        Participate in an elite EFLTC Club pennant team (eg. Div 1 or State-League senior or Junior team)

·        Be a positive role-model and provide encouragement to younger kids.

What’s in it for me?

As a donor of the 100Club, we would like to recognise your generosity with:

·        An invitation to the 100Club Pro-Am day

To witness first-hand where your funds are being spent and feel a deep satisfaction by giving back to the sport you love, by supporting the next generation.

Who will run 100Club?

The 100Club will be run by a dedicated 100Club sub-committee consisting of:

Paul Hemsley: A current EFLTC Board Member and 5-time EFLTC Club Champion, Paul played State-League pennants for 10 years, and a further 10 years in Division 1 for EFLTC. He has coached juniors from beginner through to elite level and understands the player development pathways from Juniors through to State-League seniors.

Matt Bull: Our Head Coach here at EFLTC, Matt provides a key connection to, and knowledge of the Juniors at our Club including their progress, their potential and their attitude. Matt can also provide a communication link to their parents – and can help market 100Club alongside the Tennis Factory EFLTC program.

Glen Crosbie: EFLTC-born-and-bred and 3-time EFLTC Club Champion, Glen is a leading player and captain of our top Men’s team. Glen is a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) and was EFLTC Financial Manager for 10 years. Glen is also a Tennis Australia Accredited Official who regularly attends tournaments and is thus well positioned to provide input and guidance (both ways) regarding player potential and behaviour.

Narelle Hemsley: An EFLTC member, Narelle was an elite level state player (2-time WA Open Winner, WA Player of the Year, State-League #1 and Pizzey-Cup member) and maintains an interest in the progress of current elite youth.

Brian McDonald: Brian is an EFLTC Board Member, Juniors Subcommittee Chair, pennant player, and father to a tennis loving family.

Please make a tax deductible donation of $100 today to become a Member of our 100Club and help our Junior and Youth members reach their potential in Tennis.


  • Paul Hemsley

    A great initiative.

  • Peter Field

    Juniors have for many years been a major part of EFLTC and deserve support.

  • Paul Hemsley

    Thank you to all that helped me find Tennis and make it such a central part of my life. Time to pay it forward.

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