About the project

The Friends of the One and All Sailing Ship is a not-for-profit community organisation whose members are dedicated to the operation of South Australia’s sailing tall ship, ‘STV One & All’. Our aim is to support the continued activities of the ship and maximise the benefits the ship brings to people of South Australia, and across the wider Australian community.

In following our core aims in creating opportunities and benefits to the community, this is best delivered by our unique youth adventure voyages. These voyages are designed to increase self-awareness, develop communication, teamwork, leadership skills, and create a strong sense of community. No sailing experience is required, as we will teach the “ropes”. STV One & All is a true hands-on vessel and we expect all to be actively involved in all aspects at sea.

Change a life forever by donating towards these great voyage programs, which provides access to youth that may not have the opportunity to included in one of these life changing experiences. Each youth will become WORTH THEIR SALT in our community from the life experiences gained.


  • Neil Beverley

    Best wishes for a return to sailing in 2020.

  • Jane Burdett

    Wishing you every success and smooth sailing. Jane and Les Burdett

  • Penny Cavanagh

    Thank you Lachlan Landreth for encouraging me to donate through his grandmother Carolyn Ost.

  • Annie Roberts

    Engagement of youth in our community is vital. The programs by One and All can help facilitate our youth become the next well balanced citizens.

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