About the project

The Future Force identifies local, national and internationally-based rugby talent and weaves them into the fabric of rugby in Western Australia. This is achieved by recruiting outstanding young players between the ages of 18 and 21 to assist in fulfilling their dreams of playing professional rugby and further strengthen the standard of rugby in Western Australia.

The Future Force offers scholarship holders with the opportunity to pursue a professional playing career as well as to develop as people.

By partnering with our local rugby clubs we will be ensuring the players are fully integrated into the local rugby community and community-at-large, develop an affinity with a local club, play alongside aspiring Perth players and, importantly, advance the development of the feeder system into the Western Force.

Our Vision Our vision is to host a world-class rugby academy, accredited by the Australian Rugby Union, to develop the next generation of players for the Western Force. Our target is to have three players progressing into the Western Force annually by 2017.

Our Mission We will provide an environment that is ultra-high performance with a focus on skill, physical conditioning, education and personal development. We will equip the young players with the necessary attributes in order for them to perform at their optimum and fulfil their potential as players and as people.

Our Objectives The objectives for The Future Force program are 1. Grow the rugby talent base in Western Australia 2. Provide opportunities for talented young players to pursue professional rugby 3. Allow scholarship holders to realise their rugby potential 4. Assist scholarship holders to develop as people

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  • Maureen Crandell

    To help Rugby Union advance in WA

  • Robert Crandell

    For the advancement of Rugby in W A

  • Alison Foskett

    I am very happy to support the Future Force Rugby Development Fund.

  • Dean McKee

    Long live the Sea of Blue!

  • Maureen Crandell

    For the development of Rugby in Western Australia

  • Robert Crandell

    I have donated for the continued growth of Rugby in Western Australia

  • Maureen Crandell

    Donation to help the Future of Rugby in Western Australia

  • Robert Crandell

    Donation to help grow Rugby in Western Australia

  • Shane de Barra

    Because I want the Western Force to have a future in WA!

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