About the project

Geelong Strong is embedded in the core values and mission of our club.

To be the greatest team of all; a club people can be proud of because of how we play the game, live our values, conduct business and engage with the community.

The Foundation is the philanthropic heart of our great club and provides an ongoing invitation to members, sponsors, supporters and the wider community to invest and partner to support our Past, Present and Future. 

Our Past - Heritage

Ensuring our rich history is honoured and celebrated.

Our Present - Community

Being a leader and giving back to our community 

Our Future - Football 

Developing the best talent and facilities


Our Past - Heritage

Your gift will be used to support the preservation and celebration of our wonderful heritage and history. All organisations are richer for how they recognise and celebrate their history. At the Geelong Cats, we have a tapestry that sees a new chapter woven every year in this extraordinary club. Whether it be purchasing and displaying memorabilia; recognising past players and staff; or commissioning historical works – ensuring these treasures are accessible to our supporters. There are so many projects we wish to start – your gift will help these come to life!

Our Present - Community

We are in a unique position to make things happen in the community. We can open doors, create networks, lead change initiatives, advocate for progress, and leverage partnerships across industries and agencies. As highly visible members of the community, the club’s players, coaches and staff understand their unique public role and aspire to make a positive contribution to our society.

Each year we facilitate hundreds of community appearances; conduct footy clinics and visit schools and hospitals. Cats in the Community is made up by our 10 flagship programs which all have one central purpose - to build a better and healthier community with a special focus on youth. The flagship programs reach in excess of 50,000 individuals each year. These programs have been independently acknowledged as world leading, and the club wants to continue to invest and grow these renowned programs that serve the community so well.

Our Future - Football

The Geelong Cats are committed to remaining a powerful team to be reckoned with each and every year. There is a significant, ongoing requirement to improve and upgrade facilities from the day they are installed. Technology moves faster than anyone can anticipate, and it is the aim of the Cats to have cutting edge facilities for our players, coaches and support staff to ensure our club is at the pinnacle of athlete development.

You have the opportunity to assist us with maintaining the benchmark facilities and programs required for the Club and team to perform continuously at our peak.

Opportunities include:

  • High Performance Equipment Needs
  • Player Development Programs
  • Talent Identification Programs
  • Coaches and Football Staff Development
  • Sports Science Initiatives

Our aim each year is to win the premiership and contributions from donors will greatly assist us in achieving this.

Through our fundraising partnership with the Sports Foundation, donations through to the Foundation are tax deductible. We hope that you'll show your support for the Cats by donating today!

  • David Shannon

    We in Geelong are very fortunate to have our very own football team. Go Cats!


    A very long time Cats supporter. I don't attend many games now, but am a regular at Stoneham-Brownless night when they are held in Melbourne,

  • Cyndy Burnham

    Strong strong 2020 and beyond

  • Jackie Nemtsas

    The need for the Geelong Football Club in our community at times is quite underestimated. It can be taken for granted because it has been here for so long but for those who live and breath the hoops and just those who enjoy football, which is most people then it’s essential that our magnificent Club be strong and continue to support it’s community as we continue to support it. You are truly the beating heart of Geelong.

  • Joerel Goujon

    Long live the Mighty Cats!

  • Justin Ho

    Thank you! For staying strong and holding together as a organization, with all the pressures of salary cuts and Covid. Go Cats, please play the game the way it should be played

  • Gary Pollard

    Go Cats

  • Julie Deason

    Go Cats... love the club... proud member for over 35 years

  • John Cecic

    Go Cats!!

  • Melinda Grant

    Thank you Geelong Football Club for supporting so many in the community & for your pride & passion wearing the Blue & White hoops! GO CATS!!

  • Debra RICE

    Keep up your spirits in this insane season. Stay safe

  • Kelly Hardiman

    Committed to and passionate about keeping my beloved football Club strong!

  • Zane Coventry

    Despite hurdles, the Hoops of Geelong will always be a-round... Go Cats!

  • John Wilson

    Love this great club. Looking forward to coming down to watch games .

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