About the project

Soccer has been played at the school for the last 30 years having been introduced by the past Teacher-in-Charge Dr Peter Dunn. The number of students, in Middle and Senior School, has increased over the years. Since 2009 the number of students playing Soccer outnumbers all other sports in the Middle and Senior Schools and is in the order of 30% of the student population. The school policy of appointing experienced soccer coaches is starting to pay off with a great improvement in the standard of game being played by both girls and boys.

Doc Dunn Club, the Support Group for the Sport of Soccer at GGS was officially launched on 28 May 2016, 

260 students are now playing Soccer at GGS – by far the biggest sport involving 1 in 3 students. 

Our role is to offer greater parental involvement and advocacy:

  • Bring parents together to support their children
  • Foster a love of the game for our kids
  • Bring a club atmosphere where every player and parent is valued
  • Advocacy for the sport of Soccer at GGS
  • Facilitate communication between parents, coaches, Teacher-In-Charge and the School
  • Make GGS a centre of excellence for Soccer and promote to the wider school community

Through the School’s fundraising partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, donations to the Doc Dunn Club are tax deductible. So please show your support for Geelong Grammar School Soccer by donating today!


  • Jim Nemeth

    Great activity!

  • Tim and Sue Santalucia

    proudly supporting our young players !

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