About the project

The Brazier Club was formed in 1972 to support Sailing at Geelong Grammar School and has the following objectives:

  • To promote ongoing communication and friendship with old Geelong Grammarians sharing a common interest - sailing!
  • To make sailing students aware of the history of the school sailing club and invite their ongoing participation.
  • To support the school and sailing students in their activities.
  • To help finance the sailing club to develop and upgrade the facilities, equipment and sailing fleet.
  • To assist with the maintenance of the club.
  • To promote the sport of sailing by giving the school and its students access to a wealth of nautical knowledge and practical experience in almost every aspect of sailing.

The Club's activities each year raise additional funds to support Sailing at the school. An Open Day and Sail Past is held in October/November to celebrate the start of each season, bless the fleet and to encourage Middle School students to try out sailing.

The Corio campus is located on Limeburner's Bay, which is in close proximity to Corio Bay. This high-class Sailing venue provides students with an incredible place to hone their skills. The weather and wave patterns of upper Corio Bay provide consistent conditions for Summer Sailing. More than 30 students belong to the GGS Yacht Club with skills ranging from beginner to world class. The school has invested in a fleet of 15 Pacer yachts and it's very competitive in Victorian fleet and teams racing events under guidance of our professional coaches.

Through the School’s fundraising partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, donations to the John Brazier Club are tax deductible. So please show your support for Sailing at Geelong Grammar by donating today!


  • David Yencken

    Donation for Sailing Club cups as arranged with Amanda Lithgow

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