About the project

The Glebe District Hockey Club was established in 1931 and for 70 of those years our Glebe family has been committed to encouraging a lifelong enjoyment of hockey among our players, especially our juniors. To maintain this commitment and to ensure our future growth we are looking to offer a diversity of development opportunities for our players, coaches and officials at all levels from beginners to elite. The funds raised through the Arthur Stubbs Foundation will help our young people achieve their sporting dreams regardless of their age, skill level or experience. 

Who was Arthur Stubbs? He was a loyal supporter of the GDHC who worked quietly away in the background as part of the team of people getting our junior teams up and running back in the 1950s.  Arthur built something for others coming behind him. He was passionate about providing opportunities for young people to be involved in sport as a way of achieving their full potential. His hard work contributed to the establishment of our Club's strong junior base and sense of family spirit. 

Your donation will assist us in continuing Arthur's legacy of building something for others coming behind us by providing specific skills workshops, equipment and infrastructure like junior goalkeeping kits, support for our rep players and their families, development opportunities for our umpires and coaches and improvements at our clubhouse to make it a more welcoming gathering space.

Thank you for investing in our Glebe juniors and in the Glebe District Hockey Club's future. Go Glebe!

  • Tessa Bruin

    Go Glebe!

  • Adrian McKeown


  • Bradley Goodridge

    Go Glebe!

  • Les Wark

    Keep up the great work for the future of the Club

  • Craig Stubbs

    Hope to help the Club with continued development of the Juniors and other requirements management have during a difficult 2020 for everyone. All the best.



  • Tessa Bruin

    Go dirty reds!

  • Lindesay Brine

    Go Glebe!

  • Sam Chrysostomou

    Keep up the good work.

  • George Manou

    Great club with great traditions. Glebe, Glebe, Glebe.

  • Craig and Amanda Stubbs

    It is our pleasure to continue to support the Glebe District Hockey Club and the Foundation named after our Grandfather. Glebe is a wonderful club...

  • Scott and Erin Noble

    Go Glebe. Great initiative..

  • Judith Dean

    Go Glebe for the future from a past player

  • William Stubbs

    My father would be very proud and honoured in this foundation being named after him as he was a great contributor to the youth in the Glebe area

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