About Goodlife Community Baptist Church

At Goodlife we believe PEOPLE MATTER.

We exist to help others find connection, pursue health and encounter hope.

We welcome you to come along and experience Goodlife and find your own place of belonging.

We believe that we can create places where people find their inherent, created worth and purpose and share life with one another.

We believe that each one of us can be a bearer of hope and an agent of transformation for the good of those around us.

We hold onto a simple faith. We keep a strong focus. We continue forward with a clear vision.

Believing that people matter we intentionally offer hope, health, and wholeness to people in community, both locally and globally.

This is our overarching fundraising program to develop sporting projects and causes within our community.

Please make a tax deductible donation today and support Goodlife!

  • Trevor Jackson

    A great centre for sport and community building programs.

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