About the project

GPS Rugby Club in conjunction with Valleys District Cricket Club and the Ashgrove Bowls Club have completed the future Master Planning of the Ashgrove Sports Ground.


The process commenced in the middle of 2017 with the assistance of the Brisbane City Council in the form of a grant to assist with costs and the council’s engagement throughout the process. The three areas needing addressing are:


1.    The need for modern, multi-use facilities;

2.    The need for additional playing space; and

3.    The need to find a solution to car parking.


All three clubs acknowledge that facilities built in 1960’s/1970’s are now no longer adequate to provide for the growth which has occurred particularly on the Rugby/Cricket side over the last decade. While there has been a lot of work on the playing surfaces and lighting (stage 2 of the lighting will be completed in the second half of this year) we needed to address the items identified by you the members. There is acknowledgment that we are a very strong community based club and need to continue to support other community groups which use the facilities albeit do not lease the facility. All clubs are also very conscience of the impact on surrounding neighbours and the need to work closely with them.


The plans please take into account the following:


  • The plan is high level and will need to be worked up further but only on securing further funding. All three clubs do not see the clubs borrowing any funds to undertake this development. We intend to approach Government at local, state and federal level in the coming two months to seek engagement and their respective views in respect to funding. This will determine whether we can undertake 100% up front or stage it over a number of years whilst still working to the overall plan. The early estimate of costing provided by Paynter Dixon comes in at $15.1 to $16.9M. There are precedents in our local area of one club receiving significant funding in the last 18 months. Our clubs combined have some 2800 playing members the majority who are children. The social component is double this. This will only continue to increase with Womens Rugby, Touch football and 7’s on the Rugby club side. Cricket is similar with their T20, Super 6 etc.

  • On the Multi Use Facility – There is one two story Club House – 3100m2 incorporating: 8 Dressing Rooms (2 will be dedicated to females), First Aid Room, Mothers room,Admin Offices, Gym, Function Room to accommodate 250 people sitting with a commercial kitchen, Sports Bar/Bistro, Merchandise store and the Play ground will be reinstated although not showing at this stage. It is important to note that all 3 clubs do not support the introduction of pokies. Est Cost $9.1 to $9.7M.

  • Additional Playing Spaces: The existing Field 3 will be rotated and turned into 2 full size fields – 3 & 4. The new Field 3 will give the club the capacity to use it 12 months of the year allowing us to cater properly for 7’s and touch but also provide the additional space required when the seasons change from cricket to rugby. The cricket pitch will no longer be part of the rugby field. Est Cost $1.85M to $2.15M

  • Car Parking – Provision of 184 new car parks. There is overflow provision for some further 137 cars on field 4 but only required for home games of which there is 8 per year. There is also 2 new bowling greens – one at ground level and one suspended with synthetic surfaces. Cost - $3.7 to $4.5M


  • Michael Taylor

    Hope all goes well with the Improvements down at GPS

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