About the project

The Eagles Old Boys Foundation

The Eagles Old Boys Foundation has grown out of the recognition of the need to establish an on-going support mechanism for the Eagles Rugby Club in the pursuit of its objectives both on and off the field now and into the future.

The Goals of the Foundation

The Foundation aims to provide financial assistance to the Club through:

  • Provide education and employment opportunities for Junior Players
  • Programs to support sustained on-field success including Junior Boys & Girls Rugby, coaching, medical support staff, player welfare and development
  • Supporting community engagement programs to support our local players and the broader Gungahlin Eagles rugby community.

The Eagles Old Boys Foundation is registered with the Australian Sports Foundation so that all donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. In addition to providing tax deductions, all Eagles Old Boys Foundation disbursement is fully endorsed by the Sports Foundation, providing assurance for the donor.

Please show your support for our great rugby club by making a tax deductible donation today!

  • Sean Lowther

    Up the Old Gold Eagle

  • Dominic OConnell

    In the red and black I stand. A player for my club I am

  • David Faulks

    Go Eagles!

  • Daniel Grant

    Up the old gold eagle!

  • Kent Lane

    Go The Eagles

  • Luke Maher

    Go the Eagles!! Cheering all teams on for 2021!!

  • Geoff Howarth

    All the best for the year ahead, Go the Eagles!!!! Blackett Property Group

  • Shannan Pye

    Up the old gold eagle!

  • Michael Mcmahon

    This is the year boys! Go well! Macca


    Keep up the good work team

  • Johnny Power

    Up the old gold eagles!

  • Mik Adam

    Keep the tradition alive

  • Erin Gilligan

    As someone who was literally born into this club I can attest to the amazing sense of community this club provides. I am a very proud eagle and immensely proud of the community and opportunities this club provides to young (and old) men and women. Up the old Gold eagle 🦅

  • Brendan McGee

    Good luck in 2021

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