About the project

We are a Geelong based, community sports club that offers both netball and football to over 400 young people in the Geelong area. Our club is over 80 years old having merged in 1934 from two clubs, Newtown and also Chilwell who date their existence back to 1874/75. We are also a key focal point for our local community who come and support our teams through winter and summer competitions.

Our fundraising will support the provision of equipment and associated training facilities such as rehabilitation, training and change room facilities to cater for an ever increasing participation base. The primary focus is to ensure that the club is able to provide for the explosion of female participants in both netball and football.

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  • Mike McHenry

    A fantastic Footy Club with great people. Proud to be associated with the Newtown Eagles.

  • Kyle Dohnt

    Go Towners! Bav Rules!

  • Justin Robinson

    Proud to be supporting the Eagles

  • Stuart Higgins

    Go Towners

  • Kyle Dohnt

    Go Eagles. Bav Rules!

  • Shaun McWilliam


  • Jan Faulkner


  • Terry Braddock


  • Geromee Gard


  • Brian Mudge


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