About the project

Park 17, Tuthangga, KFC Colosseum, the Birdcage. Call it what you want, if you’ve played in yellow for a single minute on this hallowed turf, you are forever a member of the POSSC family.

Just because our club is the greatest of all time now, doesn’t mean it always will be. We want to ensure that our Club not only continues after we have left, we want the Club to thrive and grow, year after year, forever.

Going the extra mile, and supporting the Club through membership of the Centurion Club means a tax-deductible donation of $8.50 each month, which is just over $100 a year.

The money raised won't be used for day-to-day expenses; Centurion Club donations will only be used for the special projects that make POSSC the best club in the CSL. Projects like the Veo camera system, light towers, new clubrooms, easing the burden on volunteers, or increasing and supporting our amazing community.

In recent years as the club has grown and blossomed, it’s never been more evident what it means to so many young men. Football is great, mates are better, but a place to call home is the best of all. Help us to continue building that home for the next generation.

Welcome to the Centurion Club.


  • Steven Mann

    Honoured to help support the greatest Club and the greatest bunch of guys I've ever known. Canaries for life.

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