About the project

Port Adelaide Football Club lives to the charter to compete and win in the biggest competition in the land, representing our community with pride and passion.

The goals in our ‘Chasing Greatness’ Strategic Vision are bold. Winning premierships, reaching 100,000 members, redeveloping the Alberton Oval precinct and being completely debt free by 1 November 2025.

People who don’t understand Port Adelaide question the boldness of our plan. They don’t understand the values our Club has been built on. Port Adelaide expects to win, and we embrace that expectation in all we do.

To be truly great we cannot rely on financial institutions and the AFL. We’re a force to be reckoned with, and now we seek financial freedom.

The Chasing Greatness Fund is our charge to financial freedom.

The Chasing Greatness Fund exists to provide a vehicle for individuals and groups to play an active role in supporting Port Adelaide Football Club in achieving its ambitious goals.

Donations to the Chasing Greatness Fund will directly support improving the facilities at Alberton Oval to provide world class training and rehabilitation facilities for our players, but just as importantly, the redevelopment of the social club for our most important people - you. The members and fans of the Port Adelaide Football Club.

How you can Help

You can help your club to win premierships, improve facilities and support our charge to financial freedom by:

1. Choosing the amount you would like to donate on a monthly basis.

2. Your monthly donation will continue until the end of the Chasing Greatness Campaign or until you advise the club otherwise.

3. You will receive regular updates to show how your donation to Chasing Greatness Fund is making a difference.

Your donation, no matter what size, is greatly appreciated.

Please support our charge to financial freedom. We thank you for your generous support of the Chasing Greatness Fund.

Tax Deductibility

The Chasing Greatness Fund is a project of Port Adelaide Football Club and is registered with and conducted under the charter of the Australian Sports Foundation. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.


  • John Carver

    Keep up the good work! Thanks for the memories.

  • Pam Hummel

    Thank you for all the fun and memories of the past and for all the enjoyment and excitement of the future.

  • Travis Gilbert

    Thanks for everything you've given me since I began barracking for PAFC when I played under 8's. This is my opportunity to give back. Proud of the past, confident for the future. PAFC. One club. Since 1870

  • Yvonne Murtagh

    Hope the campaign goes well.

  • John Duthie

    Thank you to the PAFC

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