About the project

Pushing Barriers is a not for profit organisation based in Brisbane which has the aim of helping refugee youth to be included and integrated into Australian culture through sport by providing them the opportunity to participate in the sport of their choice through a club and encouraging participation in school sports programs. Our Aims are to equip, empower and support the youth in their sporting journey through:

• Providing financial support to pay for club fees , clothing and equipment

• Facilitation of transport to and from training and and competition

• Participation in school based sports clinics

• Ensuring an attitude of inclusion and acceptance within the sporting community

Pushing Barriers is a charity based in Brisbane helping youth with a refugee background to be included and integrated into Australian culture through sport by providing them the opportunity to participate in the sport of their choice through a club.

Pushing Barriers is essentially a community integration program. We see sport as the ultimate tool to bring together individuals from all backgrounds, especially those new to Australia. By partnering with community sport organizations we look to build the community up by integrating new Australians into their community through sports. Participants in our programs get the opportunity to learn new skills, stay fit, and make lifelong friendships.

Communities participating with Pushing Barriers have a unique opportunity to grow and become more diverse by welcoming a youth from a refugee background into their team and into their lives. We register kids in sport, provide the capacity for them to participate and attend team functions. At Pushing Barriers we make sure that our participants have the opportunity to play whatever sport they want to.

Please make a tax deductible donation today and support refugee youth participate in sport!

  • Jarod Costantini

    After reading Annabelle Carey's wonderful article in the Stuartholme School Newsletter I would like to congratulate all involved in this great program. Well done! Jarod Costantini

  • Clare Palmer

    Annabelle Carey you are a star.

  • Lauren Mua

    Donated as part of a great facebook challenge initiative!! Found your charity and in full support of helping refugee youth integrate through sport. Great idea!

  • Lesley Barthelme

    keep up the brilliant work

  • Andrew Wellington

    Great initiative - an effective way to be an inclusive community - helping kids get involved in their communities

  • Rebecca Bain

    Happy to support a good cause - congratulations to all involved!

  • Dirk Baas

    Please ensure this money get to Pushing Barriers

  • Peter Nel

    I love the ethos of Pushing Barriers. My life has been enriched by my experiences volunteering with these children in the past couple of years.

  • Ian Lake

    Thanks for your presentation at the Ecumenical Social Justice Group meeting on Monday 8 April.

  • Michael Glover

    Thanks for doing what you are doing and if it creates one smile for a refugee child that is fantastic, and how good is it that you can create that smile moment. Great work guys please keep it up. Cheers Michael

  • Jeni Brosnan

    On behalf of Lesley, who requested a donation instead of a birthday present.

  • Ben Daniel

    Merry Christmas from our family to yours! We know how much being involved in sport helps us and our kids so we’re happy to help refugee kids get the same benefits. Thanks for the work you do!

  • Paul DArcy

    What a pleasure to be able to support such an inclusive organisation that develops the potential of our newest and youngest Australians!

  • Beth Wynn-Williams

    Keep up the good work

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