About the project

Cricket is a sport all Queenslanders should have the opportunity to play and enjoy. The purpose of the Queensland Cricket Foundation is to fundraise and invest into cricket initiatives that create positive differences in Queensland communities.

The work of the Foundation aims to give more Queenslanders the opportunity to support and participate in Australia’s Favourite Sport, while enhancing the experiences of all existing participants, volunteers and fans.

This is supported by four key fundraising pillars.

1.   Indigenous Health and Well-Being

Supporting Queensland’s Indigenous communities is a key pillar of the Foundation as we seek to improve the health and well-being for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders through cricket.

The Foundation will directly impact the lives and experiences of Indigenous communities by funding initiatives that create positive outcomes and by breaking down barriers to participation. This could be in the form of programs for new and existing participants, talent identification and development, purchasing and providing cricket equipment, and partnering with agencies that are focused on health and well-being outcomes.

2.   Female, Multi-Cultural, and All-Inclusive Programs and Initiatives

The Foundation will help provide experiences for those Queenslanders and communities who might previously not had the opportunity, ensuring cricket is a sport for all.

We will seek to engage participants of all backgrounds and abilities, with an aim of building lifelong fans, coaches, volunteers, and players.

The Foundation will support and provide programs and experiences for all Queenslanders, with a focus on female, multi-cultural and all-inclusive participation. No matter your age, gender or background, cricket is a sport for all.

3.   Infrastructure and Facilities

Having infrastructure and facilities that support all cricket stakeholders continues to be a major barrier for the growth and development of the game.

The Foundation will support the work of the Queensland Cricket Infrastructure Strategy (QCIS) by providing funding to clubs and associations to build grounds, changerooms, lights and facilities that enhance the experiences for all Queenslanders and will provide a significant benefit to community members.

The QCIS has a focus to ensure all clubs cater for the game’s growing female participation base by having the appropriate changeroom and toilet facilities in place, while improving lighting capabilities at grounds helps cricket adapt to the changing behaviours of society by giving more Queenslanders the time and opportunity to play our game.

Donations through the Queensland Cricket Foundation will ensure we are providing the best possible experience to all participants and community members.

4.   Supporting Experiences for Disadvantaged Youth

The Foundation has a focus on creating memorable experiences for kids through cricket, with an emphasis on implementing initiatives that focus on children and their families who might not otherwise get the opportunity to play and enjoy cricket.

Initiatives such as attending training camps, meeting their playing heroes, attending Brisbane Heat or international cricket, and/or contributing to the financial cost associated with kids following their cricket dream.

All funding received for these programs will help to make the dreams of our youth a reality.

Please make a tax-deductable donation today to assist Queensland Cricket in creating positive differences in our communities through the Queensland Cricket Foundation. 


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